Building Glass Walls

There are some things people need to see to believe—both good and bad, the triumphs and the tragedy. Inspired by Paul McCartney’s famous quote, Photographers for Animals was founded to build glass walls. To provide an opportunity to see into another world and inspire action. The world of animals.

“If slaughter houses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarian.” – Paul McCartney

Hoppy: The “Feral” Foster – Remember to Brush Twice a Day

We got the results from the dermatologist on Hoppy’s tests. Both ringworm tests came back negative. With the other medications, his overall skin improved, but his chin stayed mostly the same. We went in for our follow up appointment. In true Hoppy form, he peed and pooped in his carrier…


Rude Ranch Animal Rescue

We had the pleasure of visiting Rude Ranch Animal Rescue in Harwood, Maryland to get a few photos of a…